Vlogging Tips For Beginners

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Here is a list of Dos & Don'ts for beginning Vloggers. Bloggers often need to do video, so make sure you check out these simple but effective tips first.
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Vlogging Tips For Beginners

Let’s talk about Vlogging.  Vlogging is “video Blogging”, which can be done a number of ways now.  Before you had the option of YouTube if you wanted to be a Vlogger, but, now with all of the social media platforms offering video and live video you can do it almost anywhere.

YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more offer live video as well as being able to tape your video and upload it to your favorite platform.

Vlogging is super simple and quick.  You can “go live” whenever you like or video yourself whenever.  You can talk faster than you can type (or maybe that’s just me…), and the fact that you can go live anywhere at any time allows you to Vlog on the go and Vlog about events, fashion, your daily life, anything that you want to share.

Vlogging gives your followers a chance to feel like they know you, more than a written blog.  They see your face often and not just one headshot you had taken.  Looking at my videos from the very beginning I see me with 100 lbs more weight than I weigh now, with my glasses on, with my glasses off, with my hair red, brown, and in between, short hair, shoulder length, and long.  So, your readers KNOW you more than they do from a picture and a written blog.  That can create stronger ties with your followers.

I love to Vlog, but I don’t always have on makeup so, I won’t show my face when I don’t.  If I am in the garden I will show the garden, or if I am talking about posts on my blogs I will turn the camera on the computer screen, or a product I am talking about.  You don’t always have to have the camera on you.  You can do a voice over with images or a screenshare.  If you have been following this blogging series you have seen the videos where I have shared my screen and voiced over.

Let’s discuss some do’s and don’ts when videoing – live or not.

Don’t Be Nervous

Easier said than done, huh?  Think of it as you’re talking to your best friend, they will feel that connection with you when you do.  If you are nervous you can stutter and breathe weirdly which comes across in the video or voiceover and makes the follower stressed… so, just take a breath and relax.

Don’t Start Over

If you really flub up, it’s fine to stop and start again, but, if we are talking to our best friend and we trip over words, we can’t erase those last few seconds, we just laugh get it right and keep going.  That makes you REAL, and your followers want you to be REAL.  Often times when you keep starting over it gets worse and worse, so try to keep going if you can.

Don’t Write A Script

You can take notes or have it in your head, but if you have a script, more than likely it’s going to sound like you have a script and that makes you not sound or look REAL.

Don’t Waste Your Viewers Time

This is a pet peeve of mine.  I HATE listening to a Vlogger and they start with 5 minutes on who they are and why they are talking to you.  Saying who you are and your blog name and then what the subject will be is fine.  Let the rest of who you are and why they might want to listen to you unfold naturally as you lead them through the video.

Another pet peeve of mine is when the Vlogger tells me the points that will be discussed in the video before they start.  This wastes time, and no one wants to have their time wasted.  The other day I was listening to a Vlogger who spent 5 minutes on who they were and then another 20 MINUTES (I times it) to tell me what I would learn in the next 15 minutes.  What a waste.
Side Note:  I also HATE when a TV show I am watching shows me previews of the next section of the show that will happen after the commercial break in 2 minutes and 20 seconds… it ruins the show and again wastes time.

Do Enjoy Yourself

Your viewers will be much happier and look forward to your next video when they see that you’re enjoying talking to them.

Do Show Behind The Scenes

Viewers love when they get a glimpse of how things look just before you go live, or your video set up.  They feel like they are let in and feel even more like the know you personally.

Do Involve Them

Ask them questions, answer their questions, call them by name.  When I do a Facebook live video I call their name when they join – even if I am in mid-sentence – it’s like if a friend walks in the room when you’re talking to another friend.  When I first started doing them I was shocked at how much they LOVED hearing me call them by name.  Be sure whether you are live or do a recorded video that you answer any questions.  If You are live answer them then and there or if you miss one go back and answer in comments when it’s over.  If you do a recoded video make sure to check for comments and respond to them.

In the video below I go over the points above in a little more detail.  Another reason I think Vlogging is easier.  Sometimes I can explain something better when talking than I can when writing.

Don’t Be Shaky

I don’t know about you but this camera thing in movies and TV makes me sick.  When they are shaking the camera when they are walking or running – it totally turns my stomach – I feel sea sick.  Be sure if you are walking or holding the camera that you hold it still or use a tripod.

Do Be Aware

Be aware of your surroundings.  Take a minute to look at the view your viewers will see.  You don’t want them to be distracted.  Make sure they can hear you, if you’re outside be aware of wind and noises that will whistle in the mic and make it impossible to hear you.

Be sure to read all of the posts in this How To Start Your Own Blog series.  Don’t miss any of them or you could be setting yourself up for failure.  Each one is as important as the next. Remember, you’re skipping all of the mistakes I have made over the years.

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