Dian FarmerHi,

I’m Dian and this is my website.  I am Wife of over 20 years to Aarn, Mom of 4 grown kids, and “Nana” to 5 grandkids.

I have been blogging since 2009, and I currently have 4 blogs… wow… lol  When I started blogging we had an 11 year old still at home the rest were off in school or jobs and our oldest was married and raising her own children.

Grocery Shop For FREEIn the very beginning I started blogging about couponing and saving money on GroceryShopForFREE.com to share what I knew about couponing to help others get the same incredible savings we got.  With 4 kids and their friends all at our house all the time, they ate us out of house and home.  Luckily we learned to coupon shop and made it through with more money, more food, and health and beauty than we could use.  I still blog there today – still sharing the deals and things that helped us along the way.

Grocery Shop For FREE At The Mart

We also blog at GroceryShopForFREEAtTheMart.com – which my husband started a few years after I started the original site.  On that site we teach all about shopping and saving exclusively at Walmart.

My Sugar Free Journey

My husband then started MySugarFreeJourney.com after we found our health lacking.  I was over 100 lbs heavier back then and he was over 200 lbs heavier.  We lost the weight and he has learned so much and we have benefited so greatly from this way of eating he wanted to share what he had learned to help others.


Then I started DianFarmer.com which is about my “not so secret” obsession with Reality TV.  I share my thoughts and feelings about the shows I enjoy watching each week.

Teaching You To Blog

Now, we get to this site.  As you can see we have been doing this almost 10 years, so I felt it was time to start helping others be able to do the same with TeachingYouToBlog.com.

I LOVE to help others, so when someone asks me to help them with something – whether it’s couponing, dieting, or earning extra money with a blog – I am all for it.

When I started my first blog, money was super tight.  I was just trying to help make ends meet and my husband was working a retail job with crazy hours.  I had started a Home Repair business a few years before and was running that from our home as well as starting the blog.

The blog began to take off so much so that my husband was able to come home and take over the home repair business so that I could concentrate solely on the blog.

After a while, the blog was doing even better and we were able to close the home repair business and focus solely on the blog as he began the 2nd one.  We have always worked together and we do it quite well.  We were youth Pastors for almost 20 years and LOVED it and so we worked quite closely together through that time, as well.

Since then, we have been able to branch out to the other blogs and I can tell you from experience it is fulfilling, frustrating, exciting, heartbreaking, rewarding, devastating, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  I LOVE helping people and now I get to help you start this journey, too.

Whether you’re in this to make a million dollars (don’t laugh people do it all the time) or you’re in it to supplement your income or because you want to share your knowledge with others, you can do it.  You CAN work from home, or the coffee shop.. and make enough money to support your family and wildly beyond.  This is not a get rich promise, it’s a promise that if you work hard and learn all you can – the sky’s the limit… (I think your Mom told you that, too…).  That’s what we’ve always been told about any job, but, the freedom of working for yourself and working the hours you want to work while still being able to serve your family’s needs is quite fulfilling.

So, that’s who I am, and why I am doing this.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask:  [email protected]


Happy Blogging!